Customize Courses (Option Analysis and Strategies )

Option Analysis in a wonderful Art to understand market data , index and stock range, demand and supply pointers
Specially designed to traders for their wealth creation and maintenance.


Who Should Do this course

  • Full time Professional Trader
  • Engaged in any Business or Profession 
  • looking for part time or side income
  • Houseswives and Retired Persons


What you will get ?

  • MAHA-NIFM Certificate
  • Option Calculator software for live and expiry calculation.
  • 3 different website link to get option analysis data. 
  • Confidence and conviction to manage risk and trade & invest into stock market.


Detail Curriculum for Option Analysis

  1. Future and Option Basics
  2. Option Terminology
  3. Types and Moneyness
  4. Option Premium and their impact on Expiry date.
  5. Options Payoffs - 6 Pay off.
  6. Option Greek
  7. Calender Spread 
  8. Long / Short Build Up
  9. Long unwinding / Short covering 
  10. PCR
  12. Margin System of Stock Exchange.
  13. Option Chain Analysis
  14. Advance Parameter of Technical Analysis.
  15. LIVE analysis with option chain data and their link for real time updates.


Detail Curriculum for Option Strategeis

  1. Bull Call Spread
  2. Bull Put Spread
  3. Bear Call Spread
  4. Bear Put Spread
  5. Protective Call
  6. Protective Put
  7. Covered Call
  8. Covered Put
  9. Long Straddle
  10. Short Straddle
  11. Long Combo
  12. Collar
  13. Long Strangle
  14. Short Strangle
  15. Long Call Butterfly
  16. Long Put Butterfly
  17. Short Call Butterfly
  18. Short Put Butterfly
  19. Long Call Condor
  20. Short Call Condor

 Course Fees & Duration

  • Programme Fees: 40,000 
  • Duration: 1 month.

Admission Criteria and Eligibility:

  • 95% attendence is must during the programme in each lecture opted by the student.
  • Remarks /Recommendation of faculty and center head will be taken in the record after each class.
  • Your certification depends on your attendance, class assessment, projects, internal exams, NSE exams, Practical classes, Projects and Viva.
  • The decision of center in charge and center head will be final.

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