Job Oriented (NIFM Certified Advanced Level Smart Investor)

NIFM Certified Advanced Level Smart Investor (ALSI) Best PRO TRADING course in India for investing, Intraday & Short term Trading either in Stocks, Futures, Commodities, Currency / Forex and through Options Strategies.

Who Should Do This Course?

  • Beginners in equity trading
  • Expert traders doing trading from a long time
  • House wife and retired persons who want to make money from home
  • Students of CA, CS and other courses who want to gain knowledge about stock market working.

Career Opportunities

You can be your own boss, do self investment and manage your funds, can do business and guide others for investing in shares or commodities.

Programme Highlights

  • Course will make you eligible for trading in Equity or Share Market
  • Course will make you eligible for trading in Futures & Options
  • Course will make you eligible for trading in Commodity & Forex Market
  • Course covers basic to advance level Technical Analysis
  • Course covers basic to advance level Fundamental Analysis
  • Course covers Options Basic Strategies and Advance Greeks
  • Expert faculties will give complete theoretical and practical training for trading
  • You can research, analyze & trade in any Indian and International Market.

What Will You Get?

  • Get Complete Knowledge of all four markets Equity, Future & Options, Commodity and Currency
  • Get Complete practical training on Software used for online trading
  • Became Professional Technical Analyst by Complete Technical Analysis
  • Get Complete knowledge of Fundamental Analysis
  • Became an expert in Data Analysis
  • Became an expert in News & Event Analysis
  • Understand How to Corelate News, Events, Data & Fundamentals of any Company and get the confirm direction of the stock price
  • Became professional in Options Strategies Trading

Course Fee

  • Program Fee – Rs 35,000/- ( Lumpsum / One Time Payment )
  • Program Fee – Rs 45,000/- ( Installments )
  • Installment Terms ( 15,000 + 15,000 + 15,000 )
  • Program Duration 3 MONTHS
Note: Examination fee of NSE certification for Technical Analysis, Fundamental Analysis & Options Strategy is extra. (if the certifications are required by the candidate)


Module – 1  Market Segments ( Equity Market, Future & Options, Commodity & Currency )   

Equity Market 

  • Introduction to the world of financial market.
  • Basic knowledge of capital market (Primary & secondary Market).
  • Major market participants , regulators their duties and responsibilities.
  • Major exchanges and indices.
  • How market Operates.
  • Trading, Clearing ,Settlement Mechanism.

Futures & Options

  • Introduction to Derivatives, Type and participants of derivative contracts.
  • Understanding of future, forward, option , Swap , Warrants.
  • Understanding of Future and Options and its Terminology.
  • Application and Pay off of Future and Options contract.
  • Greek and Margin mechanism of Derivative.
  • Clearing Settlement and its entities.
  • Regulatory Framework.

Currency Market

  • Currency Derivative, its History, Major currencies
  • Future and Options of currency derivative and its Mechanism.
  • Different Strategy Use for Currency Derivative Trading

Commodity Market

  • Introduction of Commodity Market.
  • Structure, Classification and Commodity Futures.
  • Participants, Margin and Settlement Mechanism.

Module – 2  Trading Software

 Understanding of Trading Software (ODIN, Web-based Softwares & Mobile App)

Module – 3  Technical Analysis

Introduction about Technical Analysis 
    What is technical analysis? 
    The basis of technical analysis
    Difference between technical vs fundamental analysis

Types of Charts

Line chart   Bar chartCandlestick chart 
Kagi chartPoint & Figure chartRenko chartThree Line Break chart

Trend Lines

  • what is the purpose of drawing trend lines?
  • How to plot trend lines

Candlestick Study

One candlestick pattern Double candlestick pattern Triple candlestick pattern
Doji Bullish Engulfing Morning star
Hammer Bearish Engulfing Evening star
Hanging Man Bullish Harami Three white shoulders 
Inverted Hammer  Bearish Harami Three black crows
Shooting Star Piercing pattern Abandoned body Bullish 
Spinning Top Dark cloud cover  Abandoned body Bearish
Marubozu Tweezer Top Tasuki Gap Bullish 
  Tweeezer  Bottom Tasuki Gap Bearish

Five candlestick pattern – Rising three methods & falling three methods

 Change of support to resistance and vice versa

Four Stages

(1)Accumulation (2) Markup   (3)  Distribution (4)  Panic liquidation

Charts Patterns, Indicators Oscillators

Head & Shoulder RSI 
Inverted Head & Shoulder MACD
Double top / bottom On Balance Volume 
Flag & Pennant Stochastic
Symmetrical, Ascending, Descending Triangles William %R
Wedge Patterns Bollinger bands
Rounding top / bottom Money Flow Index
Cup & Handle  
Rectangles Bullish / Bearish  
Triple top / bottom  

Trading Strategy

The Dow Theory 

  • Background
  • The principal rule of the Dow Theory

Elliot Waves theory

  • Elliot wave basics
  • How to trade on Elliot waves

Fibonacci sequence

  • How to trade on the Fibonacci retracement
  • How to trade on the Fibonacci extension

Trading psychology and how to manage the risk


Module – 4 Fundamental Analysis ( Focus on Data, Event & News Analysis )

  •  Introduction of Fundamental Analysis
  • Top-Down Approach in Fundamental Analysis
  • Economic Analysis
  • Industry Analysis 
  • Company Analysis (Valuation)
  • Understanding Financial Statements, Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss account
  • Comparison through Ratio Analysis
  • Time Value of Money   

Module – 5  Options Strategy


  • Option Terminology
  • Options Payoffs
  • Payoff profile of buyer of asset: Long asset
  • Payoff profile for the seller of asset: Short asset
  • Payoff profile for buyers of call options: Long call
  • Payoff profile for the writer (seller) of call options: Short call
  • Payoff profile for buyers of put options: Long put
  • Payoff profile for the writer (seller) of put options: Short put



  • Long CallLong Strangle
    Short CallShort Strangle
    Synthetic Long CallCollar
    Long PutBull Call Spread Strategy
    Short PutBull Put Spread Strategy
    Covered CallBear Call Spread Strategy
    Long ComboBear Put Spread Strategy
    Protective CallLong Call Butterfly
    Covered PutShort Call Butterfly
    Long StraddleLong Call Condor
    Short StraddleShort Call Condor

Module – 6 Rule Regulations ( Dos & Don’ts While Trading ) & Trading strategies

•What we have to do while investing or trading
•What we don’t have to do while investing or trading
•Rules and regulations to follow while investing or trading
•Different strategy use for trading

Trading psychology and how to manage the risk

Eligibility Criteria

Any person can enroll in Advance Level Smart Investor Course because it is a course to understand all the aspects of stocks and commodity market and makes you eligible to do research in the stock market to take best trades and make money.